Tumblr can be a place to rejoice over strange and delightful internet ephemera, but it can also provide an earnest and affirming community for anyone dealing with mental health issues.

This accurate description of depression:

This important reminder that your feelings are valid:

This accurate SpongeBob GIF:

This important collective eye roll:

And this collective head shake:

This gripping trilogy and accompanying anthology:

This simple list to share with friends and loved ones:

This accurate description of anxiety:

This invaluable lesson from Arthur:

These seriously frustrating reoccurring phrases:

This summary of you trying to get your shit together:

This unselfish call for more compassion when someone is sick:

This daily mantra:

This accurate summary of your sleep schedule:

This portrait of your morning affirmations:

This list-based morning activity suggestion:

This simple tip for how to approach minor meltdowns:

This SNL accuracy:

This frustrating gap:

This simple but important list of ways to help you keep your head clear:

This truth about love:

This helpful mantra about doing your best:

This important reminder to be gentle with yourself:

This affirming shout-out to anyone struggling in college:

And this crucial reminder that YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE:

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