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Food You Can Feel Good About: The Clean Food Movement


“This dish could really use some potassium sorbate, right?”

Yeah, that’s something you’re never going to hear and pretty much sums up the importance of the Clean Food Movement—a new push for ingredient transparency that we think will mean better food made from simpler ingredients.

Why come clean? Because we think, quite often, the simpler the ingredient, the better it tastes. Food should make you feel good—it should do good things for you and the world around you. When ingredients are simple and readily identifiable, you’ll feel better about every bite you take.

A Clean Food How-To

Clean food is simple food—without artificial additives and whole. It’s like going back to the time when local farmers ruled and food production was slow and honest. Today, finding clean food isn’t always so easy. But with these tips, you’ll be able to make smarter choices that’ll taste great, too.

• Read the label: Choose foods with wholesome ingredients that don’t contain artificial additives. The journey to better food starts with simpler ingredients.

• Go clean & seasonal: Get optimal nutrition benefits and eat cleaner with in-season produce picked at its freshest, most flavorful peak.

• Do the research: Make sure your favorite eating spots are committed to recipe transparency and clean eating. Pick brands that align with your personal wellness goals.

Start Your Own Clean Food Journey

Good eating is a personal journey. What matters most to you? 
Take a look at the list below and discover your top priorities. Then, dig into good taste with clean food choices that make everyone around you feel good, too.

Panera Bread. Food As It Should Be.

While many have been slow to the clean food table, Panera Bread is an advocate for clean food and is committed to sourcing and serving high-quality ingredients without artificial additives including added MSG, artificial trans fats, and ingredients that they don’t believe need to be in your food.

Panera Bread recently heightened its commitment to consumers by pledging to remove artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners from its US food menu by the end of 2016 as part of its Clean Food Policy. With its detailed “No No” list of artificial additives and ‘Clean’ cafe salad dressings, Panera Bread takes the lead on recipe transparency, making simple, fresh and flavorful its number one priority.


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