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7 Parts of Your Body You Shouldn’t Touch with Your Hands

You should never stick your fingers—or anything else—in your ears. “Introducing anything into the ear canal can tear the thin skin that lines the ear canal,” says John K Niparko, M.D., professor and chair of the department of otolaryngology-head & neck s...

The Real Reason Your Eye Goes Twitchy

Doctors call it benign fasciculation, that annoying, rippling feeling in your eyes that... what, signals a heart attack? Tells you a storm’s a-comin’? That you should bet that eight or put it all on Paint the Town Red in the fourth? Unfortunately, none of...

Here’s Why Your Eyes Feel Like Gritty Sandpaper Right Now

Don’t blame your bloodshot eyes on a late night of boozing—the calendar might be the culprit instead. Dry eye cases spike in the spring , finds a new study from the University of Miami. 

10 Crazy Body Connections

Your body parts are joined in ways you never imagined. For example, did you know the length of your index finger could secretly reveal your penis size? While most of these links sound strange, knowing about them could pay dividends down the line. Here are...