Monday, October 3, 2022
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Vitamin D may protect against severe asthma attacks and hospitalisation

There has been some debate in recent times about the association between vitamin D levels and the risk of developing certain conditions such as diabetes, colon cancer, arthritis and infections. Studies show conflicting results. But when it comes to a

Vaccines Are Not Controversial. They’re Safe. They Work. That’s It.

Eleven years ago I wrote an article for Men’s Health about my autistic son. Somewhere in the middle of it I mentioned the “remarkably paranoid” theory that autism is linked to childhood vaccinations.

The 20-Second Test That May Tell You about Your Brain Health

Is brain health a balancing act? In a new study from Japan, people who couldn’t stand on one leg for 20 seconds or longer had more brain changes linked to strokes and dementia than folks with better balance. 

Find the Doctor of Your Dreams!

Think back to how you chose your last doctor. Maybe you picked the first one that popped up in a Google search. Or maybe you haven’t ever chosen one since your mom found your pediatrician 25 years ago. (Tip: If your last doc slapped on a racing-car Band-A...

‘I Drank Whale Poop’

I'm standing in my kitchen, holding a teaspoon filled with freshly-grated ambergris, wondering if I really want to go through with this. It’s mid-autumn in Michigan. Rain is falling from a low dark sky. I’ve got a bone-deep seasonal dispiritment. But I’m...

How Your Job Could Be Giving You Asthma

A shaky 9-to-5 is no fun for your lungs. People who think they’re in danger of losing their jobs might be more likely to develop adult-onset asthma than those who feel secure , new research from Germany reveals.

The Hangover Even Sober Guys Can Get

So you ate your weight in wings and fries—no wonder you feel lousy. You likely overdosed on fat and sodium, says Jay Kuemmerle, M.D., chairman of gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition at the VCU Medical Center.