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The Reviews Of This Anti-Vaccine Children's Book Are Next Level Savage

“The best book I’ve read since Infant Car Seats Are For Sissies.”

These Professors Want Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate To Pay A Tax...

They say parents who refuse to immunize their children should bear the societal costs of outbreaks of preventable diseases.

How We Beat Measles In The '90s — And Why It...

During the 1989–1991 outbreak, measles was an issue of poverty.

I Asked My Mom Why She Didn’t Vaccinate Me

Her answer shows the power of a trusted doctor.

Babies Too Young For Vaccines Are At High Risk During Outbreaks...

A mother recounts losing her 2-month-old son to whooping cough.

Five Babies Diagnosed With Measles At Chicago-Area Day Care Center –...

Officials said they aren’t yet sure what the source of the outbreak was, nor do they know if it is linked to the cases stemming from Disneyland.

9 Charts That Will Help You Understand The Current Measles Outbreak

There are currently over 100 reported cases of measles in the U.S.

5 GIFs That Show Why Herd Immunity Is So Important

Getting vaccinated doesn’t just impact your health — it can also affect the health of your entire community.

Meet The Doctors Who Are Rejecting Unvaccinated Patients – BuzzFeed News

A growing number of pediatricians around the country are closing their doors on unvaccinated patients in an effort to protect the rest.

Roald Dahl Wrote A Heartbreaking Letter In Support Of Vaccination For...

“It really is almost a crime to allow your child to go unimmunised.”