Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Why Food Tastes Weird When You’re on an Airplane

It isn’t always easy adjusting to life at 30,000 feet—and your taste buds have a tough time with the transition, too. Eating on an airplane affects your sensitivity to taste, suggests new research from Cornell University.

Here’s the Actual Reason Why You Snack More at Night

Ever wonder why you get the midnight munchies? Your brain’s reward center is less receptive to food in the evening, which means that you need more high-calorie junk at night to satisfy a craving, suggests new research from Brigham Young University.

How Listening to Your Mom Can Make You Fat

Remember when your mom used to tell you to clean your plate at dinner when you were a kid? Turns out, that wasn't the best advice. Gobbling down everything might set you up for a fatter future, a new study from England suggests.

How Eating One Apple Could Help You Eat Healthier for a...

Snack smart before you fill your cart: Eating just one piece of fruit prior to grocery shopping could save you from buying high-calorie junk, finds new research from Cornell University.