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What Drugs to Take If You Get Sick in a Foreign...

If your summer vacation plans are taking you out of the country, the last thing you need to worry about is medicine.

When Vasectomies Go Horribly Wrong

Half a million men get a vasectomy in America each year. Maybe you are considering it right now. Chances are, you've heard that damming that most masculine of rivers is an outpatient snap. Spend a weekend on the couch with frozen peas down your shorts and...

What Your Knee Pain May Be Telling You

If achy knees have you avoiding the stairs, taking the elevator might not be the cure-all: Pain while climbing up steps could actually be an early sign of knee osteoarthritis (OA) , finds new research from the University of Leeds.

13 Facts About Pain During Sex (But Not The Good Kind)

The uncomfortable and accidental kind of pain, not the kinky fun kind.

It Hurts So Good

Emcee Steve Seabury and his cohost from Guinness World records have found eight willing victims. "Are you guys ready to witness some fuckin' pain?" Seabury shouts to the crowd of a few hundred onlookers. They cheer—and groan—their approval. This is the cl...