Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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How to Tell If You’re Peeing Too Often

Sprinting to the bathroom is normal when you’ve got a bladder that’s about to burst. But if you’re making mad dashes multiple times a day, it could spell a more serious health problem. Are you peeing too much? Here’s how to tell.

The Weird Thing That Can Mess with Your Prostate

Sitting too much might not just give you a big belly—it can also raise the red flag for your prostate health. As your activity level drops, your blood levels of a certain protein linked to prostate cancer spike , according to research published in the Jou...

If Your Hair’s Balding Like This, Your Prostate Might Be at...

Losing the hair on your head might signal a problem below the belt: A specific pattern of baldness may raise your risk of prostate cancer , finds new research from the National Cancer Institute.