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Explainer: what’s meningococcal meningitis and what are the signs?

Stories of meningococcal outbreaks tell us it’s that season again. But what is meningococcal meningitis, why does it occur in seasons, and why does it strike fear into the hearts of so many? Meningococcus (Nisseria meningitidis) is type of bacterium

5 GIFs That Show Why Herd Immunity Is So Important

Getting vaccinated doesn’t just impact your health — it can also affect the health of your entire community.

The Habit That May Lead to HPV

In a new study from the Moffitt Cancer Center, men who reported consuming the most alcohol—just over 2 drinks a day—had a 13 percent increased risk (*)  for contracting any kind of human papillomavirus than light drinkers. The big boozers' risk of infecti...