Restrooms for customers only?

Ignore this rule at your own peril.

#truth #urination #smallbladderproblems

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Otherwise, concerts can be heartbreaking.

That is literally me every time #smallBladderproblems

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And public restrooms can be a true nuisance.

Being pregnant makes everything about fifty million times more difficult.

“Staying hydrated” may sound healthy, but you’re skeptical.

Breaking the seal has a whole other meaning.

Bartenders and waiters clear your place before you’re done.

And you lose your seat at the bar all the time.

Story of my life #smallbladderproblems #girlsnight #gooddogbar #allagashwhite #heybigspender #latergram

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Although it’s probably for the best, if you think about it.

You end up buying a LOT of things you don’t need or want.

This injustice.

That awful moment when you realize that you’ve got a full bladder and the next exit on this highway is 19 miles away.

Laughing can be a dangerous proposition.

Doing the pee dance can only get you so far.

Pee dance in progress 😋☺️😜 #smallbladderproblems #samtoo

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Sleeping in on weekends? What’s that?

Story of my life #peemaster #smallbladderproblems #whoswithme 😂😂😂😂😂👌 #life #sotrue

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Screw the journey. The destination is all that matters, as well as finding a bathroom immediately when you get there.

Three words: BUMPY CAR RIDES.

Your sweet nothings come with caveats.

You need to have incredibly good aim… or else.

#hadtogo #gotitonmyshorts #smallbladder #fml #wtf

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You feel like Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics could use some tweaking, honestly.

Jumpsuits are impossible.

And so is road tripping.

Some people have no sympathy and are actual literal monsters.

And then there’s this nightmare.

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