Allergy season got you down? Maybe you should try eating an onion. Or growing a beard.

These allergy cures may sound odd, but there are just a few of the DIY remedies that have actually been proven to help ease allergy symptoms.

Allergies are the most common chronic condition affecting people around the world, with symptoms ranging from irritating to life-threatening. In the U.S., experts estimate that 20 percent of Americans are affected by some type of chronic allergy.

Of course, there are plenty of medications on the market to help sufferers control allergy symptoms — whether they be from grasses and mold or cats and dogs. But there are also a number of interesting natural remedies that people have turned to for relief. Here are eight of the more unusual allergy cures that have been used around the world. (Some of the “allergies” mentioned below — like acne and eczema — aren’t allergies at all, but the treatments are still notably strange.)

8 Of The Strangest Allergy Cures Form Around The World

8 Of The Strangest Allergy Cures Form Around The World [Infographic] by the team at Holland & Barrett Retail Limited

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