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Too much salt and sugar and not enough exercise – why Australians’...

Almost three in four Australian children consume too much sugar, 91.5% of young people do not meet physical activity recommendations, and Australians are among the most obese people in the world. Today

Are You An Alcoholic

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Here's Why You Might Turn Red When Drinking Alcohol

It’s true: One beer can cause Asian Glow.

The Side Effect of Drinking That’s Even Worse Than a Hangover

Drinking too much can leave you with a throbbing headache, rolling stomach, and toilet bowl full of last night’s bourbon. But in addition to making you feel awful, binge drinking might also actually raise your risk of coming down with an infection , sugge...

The Habit That May Lead to HPV

In a new study from the Moffitt Cancer Center, men who reported consuming the most alcohol—just over 2 drinks a day—had a 13 percent increased risk (*)  for contracting any kind of human papillomavirus than light drinkers. The big boozers' risk of infecti...

Only 1 Percent of Men Follow All 5 of these Heart-Healthy...

Here’s good reason to make your healthy-living goals more than just talk: Research from Sweden found that incorporating five modifiable factors into your everyday routine can drastically reduce the risk of heart attack.