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The Smartest Things to Do As Soon As You Feel Hungry

Food cravings are like weeds in your lawn: They pop up out of nowhere, and you’ll stop at nothing to kill them, stat.

Make a Sugar Craving Disappear Instantly

Tell your sweet tooth to take a hike. A brisk walk zaps sugar cravings, new Austrian research finds.

Is Your Imagination Making You Fat?

Think about bacon for a second. Can you almost immediately smell the smoky, salty meatiness? If so, you’re probably hungry—and maybe fat: The better you are at conjuring smells of food in your head, the more likely you are to be overweight , suggests a ne...

The Weird Reason You’re Packing on the Pounds

Your barking back could lead to a bulging gut. Back pain might screw with the parts of your brain that help control how much you eat , research out of the Yale University School of Medicine suggests.