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The Craziest Cardio Workout Ever

There are lots of tough lung-busting routines out there. But if you’re looking for the craziest cardio workout ever, it’s right here. Brought to you by Best Buy, this workout is brutal. It’s intense. And it’s absolutely insane.

So, Can You Run a Fitness Photo Shoot?

Being the fitness director of the largest men's magazine brand in the world involves a lot more than knowing reps and sets—and this episode's challenge provided a novel introduction for the three finalists in the Next Top Trainer competition, sponsored by...

15 Seemingly Smart Health Tips That Are Actually The Worst

To help, we talked to experts about the most common crappy health tips you probably believe. Some just won’t get you anywhere and some are actually TERRIBLE for your health — either way, here’s all the advice not to take and what to do instead.

12 Tips For Gaining Weight The Healthy Way

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

19 Things Only Women Who Lift Weights Will Understand

16 Tips To Actually See Results When You're Trying To Lose...

We members of the to tell us how they handled plateaus and setbacks while they were trying to lose weight. They told us some of the actual nutrition and fitness strategies they used to kick their weight loss back into gear as well as what they did to sta...