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How your doctors’ job satisfaction affects the care you receive

When employees are engaged with their work and organisation, they’re more likely to perform well. This is particularly important in the context of health, where engagement improves the efficiency and effectiveness of services, reduces staff absenteei

Why You May Be 12 Percent More Likely to Die This...

It’s a bad month to get sick. That’s because in some hospitals, death rates spike in July. In fact, patients are between 4 and 12 percent more likely to die than they are in other months, according to a review from the University of California.

The 50 Most Overpriced Hospitals in the United States

If you had to guess the priciest hospital in the country, what would it be? The Mayo Clinic? Sloan Kettering? Some renowned urban institution that’s highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report?

Women In The E.R. Should Be Getting Pregnancy Tests – BuzzFeed...

After decades of criticism, the FDA is changing its rules about drugs that may cause birth defects