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19 Things You Should Know Before You Lose Your Virginity

The following pieces of advice are meant to apply to all cisgener and transgender individuals — regardless of your age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

8 Of Your Embarrassing Sex Questions, Answered With Science

We asked for the science questions you didn’t want your name attached to, and now we’re answering them.

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6 Reasons He's Not Having An Orgasm

We asked the sex experts, so you don’t have to.

"Natural" Sex Supplements Are Actually Spiked With Viagra – BuzzFeed News

In the past week, the Food and Drug Administration has uncovered at least 25 herbal supplements that contain the active ingredients in Viagra and other pharmaceutical drugs.

Does The G-Spot Actually Exist

Like, is it a thing?

Terrified of the Dentist? Here’s Why It’s Probably Your Dad’s Fault

Hate getting your chompers cleaned? Blame your dad. You’re more likely to fear the dentist if he freaks your father out, according to researchers at the University of Madrid. They found that kids with dads who didn’t like the tooth man were twice as like...

Will The "Female Viagra" Ever Get It Up – BuzzFeed News

Flibanserin, a drug that revs up women’s sex drives, has been battling for five years to get the FDA’s stamp of approval.