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Explainer: what treatment do young children receive for gender dysphoria and...

“Preschooler’s sex swap at age four”, read the Daily Telegraph’s headline on Thursday, sparking intense debate in the media over how to handle cases of young children experiencing gender dysphoria. The story detailed the case of a pre-schooler who is

Rethinking how we represent transgender children in the media

Transgender children have been the focus of considerable media attention in Australia over the past two years. Two examples this week are episodes of Australian Story and 60 Minutes, where viewers shared in the journeys of Georgie, Emma and Izzie, th

A Woman Lost Her Gym Membership After She Complained About A...

She was told the gym is a no judgement zone.

How Running Helped Me Explain My Transition To Myself

I’ve been transitioning for the last year or so.

8 Transgender Athletes Explain What Fitness Means To Them

Transgender people face a particular set of challenges when it comes to spaces where people exercise and compete.

FDA's New Blood Donation Guidelines Offer Little Clarity For Transgender People...

Doctors criticize the FDA for applying its ban on blood donations based on a person’s sex at birth, not their risky or safe behavior.