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My Girlfriend Loves PDA. I’d Rather Be Discreet. What’s the Compromise?

My girlfriend loves PDA. I’d rather be discreet. What’s the compromise?—Jeff, Detroit, MI Here’s my take: Showing affection in public is a woman’s...

5 Women Reveal Why They Went Home with Him

The fantasy makes sense: “Sex is hotter when it’s a little transgressive,” says Stephen Snyder, M.D., a sex and relationship therapist in New York City. “There’s something about the surprise of taking off the wrapper for the first time.”

These Amazing Young Female Athletes Will Inspire You To Go Out...

“For some reason, the world loves to show young women in pink and wearing princess dresses, but the truth is: these girls are badasses.”

42 Things You Can Do With All That Period Blood

I mean, if you’re just gonna flush it down the toilet…

The Female Orgasm Explained Through Your Favorite Science Experiments

Who knew colorful milk could accurately represent a G-spot?

This Is What Self Care Looks Like For Women Learning To...

We asked women to share the habits that help them remember how great they are.

If Tampon Ads Were Actually Honest

Because there’s nothing like a good period, right?

47 Thoughts You Have While At The Gynecologist

There is nothing more awkward than making eye contact with someone who is between your legs.