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The 5 Most Underrated Sexy Spots on Her Body




It’s like the older, classier sister of traditional cleavage, and it’s all over the red carpet for that very reason. You can’t get enough of it because, well, it’s hot—it is still her breast, after all—and it means she’s comfortable enough to flash a risqué amount of skin in a stylish, classy way. “Sideboob is trendy now, and that means she’s someone who’s confident and up to date on what’s new,” says relationship expert April Masini. “She’s incorporated sexuality into her lifestyle, not just her scoop-neck neckline.”



It’s reminiscent of summer concerts, beach volleyball games, and, most likely, the first time you ever saw a girl take off her shirt. If you’re seeing underboob, you’re probably pretty close to the action, and you’re dealing with a girl who’s flirty and carefree. “It’s a glimpse of the boob that’s yet to come,” says sex therapist Jane Greer. “The excitement of a sneak peek and anticipating the thrill of getting to see her fully naked can be very arousing.”

3Lower Back

Lower Back

This spot isn’t inherently sexual, but since it’s an area you don’t usually see when she’s wearing office-friendly clothes, the lower back can be taboo. Whether it’s just a glimpse when she reaches up to pull something off of a shelf, or she works it into an outfit like a low, backless dress, it’s undeniably alluring—and shows that she’s damn proud of her body, Masini says. “When she incorporates newer cleavage areas like her backside into her style, she’s not only giving you an eyeful—she’s owning the trend,” says Masini. “Even if you don’t think it’s all that hot, her confidence is a turn-on.”



Science proves it: According to a study from Manchester University, her mouth is one of her most enticing facial features, especially if she’s wearing lipstick. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t—after all, her lips are capable of doing everything from kissing to talking dirty. “Everyone has a different taste and gets turned on by different aspects of sexuality,” Greer says. “If you love to kiss, it’s going to be her mouth and lips that are luscious and alluring to you.”

1The Glimpse You Have to Work For

The Glimpse You Have to Work For

A well-placed button is strategically sexy—and potentially more rewarding than blatant cleavage, says Masini. If she’s wearing a perfectly-fitted top that hits all the right curves, your imagination will go crazy. “If she’s not popping out of a scoop neck or a bikini top, and instead is hidden from plain view by a blouse with an extra button open, then she’s someone who’s got it going on but won’t announce it,” Masini says. “She’s someone who doesn’t advertise her assets, but there’s more under the surface than you might expect. She’s more complicated—and for the right guy, more interesting than someone who’s a sure thing.”

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