Becoming a mother is one the greatest gift of life. Every lady nurses the dream to be a mother. Not being able to conceive can be quite frustrating and disheartening for each partner. There are few tips a woman needs to keep in mind in order to get pregnant faster. These tips though simple can work miracle for a couple.

  • Knowing when you ovulate: generally ovulation occurs around 14 day of menstrual cycle. Having frequent sex during this period can be rewarding. Some women may lessen having sex during this period and thus lose a chance to be pregnant during particular menstrual period. The first day of menstrual period is when bleeding starts. Some women have irregular cycles. Calendar method of measuring oral temperature soon after getting from bed and keeping its record can be used in those cases to find time of ovulation. There is increase of temperature of about 1 degree Celsius after ovulation. Couple should increase frequency of sex around this period.
  • Position during sex: Have a position that make penetration as deep as possible, and neutralise the gravity so that sperm can easily reach the ovum.
  • Lay on back after sex: laying on back after sex help the sperms to reach ovum faster by reducing semen leakage by gravity. A research study in 2009 in Amsterdam says that female who lay flat for 15 minutes after being inseminated were 50 percent more likely to conceive than ladies who got up right away.
  • Good diet: good diet of both the partners is a must. Malnourishment and deficiency of nutrients may reduce the fertility of the couple.
  • Enjoy with your partner: there should be no stress on woman during sex. She should enjoy with her partner. This will help to have good contraction of uterine muscles for sperms to travel to egg.
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