Until now.

Bodyweight Cardio Burners

It’s lethal. So why the heck would you ever do this? There are several reasons, he says. For starters, it’ll improve your base level of aerobic conditioning. It’ll also help you run faster, harder, and longer.

“If you can’t lunge for 10 straight minutes, I don’t think you should run for 10 straight minutes,” Gaddour says. (No way you’re hitting 10 quite yet? Build up to that duration, starting with 3 minutes and working up from there.)

It won’t be boring, either. You can continue to change up the challenge’s degree of difficulty. (For more fitness tests sponsored by Degree, check out The Get Moving Challenge.)

For instance, try varying the gradient of your terrain. Doing lunges on an incline increases the demand on your glutes and hips. Doing them on a decline hits your quadriceps harder.

You can also change the terrain where you the perform challenge, from gravel to cement to sand, says Gaddour, who particularly likes doing the drill on grass with bare feet.

Or, mix up the tempo. Go slow or fast, switching it up every minute or every two minutes, or doing half of it downtempo and half of it uptempo.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t get comfortable and just go through the motions, says Gaddour. Push yourself and watch your fitness soar.

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