The jewellery taking a stand against gender inequality.

A Sydney artist has designed a line of jewellery which look just like vaginas.

Called Vulvè, the “wearable art” is all about “empowering the individual to make their own choices around their anatomy”.

Designer Bronte Leighton-Dore told BuzzFeed News: “As wearable art Vulvè aims to help breakdown the stigma and taboo surrounding the vulva and female genitalia, by transcending the gallery space and bringing the conversation into the open. Ultimately to help women feel confident and able talk about their bodies.”

“I feel like the rise of social media has helped create a new platform for females to have a strong, clear voice,” she said.

“These voices have already started an incredible conversation, with recent projects including the HeforShe campaign, Caitlin Stasey’s, and Jade Beall’s A Beautiful Body Project. Vulvè is my personal contribution to this ongoing discussion.”

“Each Vulvè pendant being hand beaded means, like real vulvas, they are all different and unique.”

“With more women feeling compelled to undertake the unnecessary surgical procedure of labiaplasty (the removal of a part of the labia minora) we now, more than ever, need to understand there is no ‘normal’ vulva,” she said.

Bronte told BuzzFeed she’s working on a line of silk Vulvè clothing, and is “experimenting with different colour schemes and other motifs inspired by the female anatomy”.

Each piece, beaded onto silk and backed with leather, takes about three days to make and can be bought online.

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