Me: Hoe don’t do it. Body: *has pain anyway*

When you wake up in the morning:

When you’re feeling really tired but are almost out of sick days:

On people telling you that you don’t look like there’s anything wrong with you:

When you’re really tired of your body’s shit:

When it isn’t even noon and you’re ready for bed:

When you’re trying to sleep but your body is like “haha no”:

When your body has no chill at all:

When there was a perfect description for what having chronic pain is like:

When you thought you had seen it all:

When you have to fill out medical forms yet again and they throw you for a loop:

When someone tells you about a diet they think would help ease your symptoms:

When you’re trying your best to be a good friend:

When you’re waiting for that call from the doctor about your tests:

When you realize you aren’t alone in your struggle:

When you’ve watched too many late night infomercials:

When you’re struggling to walk but act like you’re about to run a marathon:

When the Dos Equis guy finally says something that makes sense:

When you have a flare up and your friends are trying to gossip:

When you’re trying to hit the club and your body is trying to hit the mattress:

On having a low pain day and accomplishing chores:

When T.Swift was used to exaggerate the questions you always ask:

On what it’s like to spend a lot of your time in waiting rooms:

When you’re on the struggle bus at work and someone notices:

When you have friends who suffer from chronic pain as well:

On trying to interact with people who don’t have chronic pain:

When you know how to use Google:

When you accidentally tell someone you haven’t found a cure yet:

And, of course, when people want you to make plans but you’re a Spoonie and you can’t:

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