Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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17 POC To Follow For Wellness Inspiration

These workouts are DIY, FUBU, and sure to get you F-I-T.

How To Fix Your Body's Trouble Areas

Is your butt in trouble?

Reason #1,758 Why Exercise Is Awesome

Sweat away your stress. Men who are fit and active feel more prepared to tackle a packed to-do list , finds new research from Finland. 

Does Exercise Really Fight Depression?

The prescription for a case of the blues might be a pair of running shoes and advice to get moving. A new study from the U.K. adds to the growing evidence that exercise really can fight depression—and make you less likely to develop it in the first place.

The Surprising Side Effect of Energy Drinks

If you’re looking for an extra push during your workout, you might want to be careful about what you’re chugging to get it. Drinking caffeinated energy drinks before working out can make your sleep suffer later on , new research from Spain suggests.

Only 1 Percent of Men Follow All 5 of these Heart-Healthy...

Here’s good reason to make your healthy-living goals more than just talk: Research from Sweden found that incorporating five modifiable factors into your everyday routine can drastically reduce the risk of heart attack.