You may have heard of dyslexia before, but wondered what it was all about. This is a reading disorder that develops in children that makes it difficult for them to fluently read or to comprehend what they are reading. Many people think it is reading words backwards, but it is much more than this.

There are actually several forms of dyslexia, that include not being able to read a word as a whole, an inability to attach a word to its meaning, an inability to pronounce new words, and an inability to put words together at all. These are the predominant examples of dyslexia that are most often found.

While not completely curable, there are techniques that can be used to train the brain to get past some of these barriers. It should not be thought of as curing the disorder, but making it more manageable. In the management of this condition, many learn to be extremely functional in most tasks, including reading, public speaking, and calculations.

There are some instances when the condition is so severe that no technique will add any kind of marked difference. This usually occurs in persons whose dyslexia arises from some external cause, like a head injury or brain trauma.

The one key to helping manage any form of dyslexia is to seek treatment as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it is to train your brain using these techniques, and the more ingrained these patterns caused by the disorder become.

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